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Cuba Not a Nation but a Prison Surrounded by Water

In Cuba, employment is controlled by the government. Workers make $10 per month.

The right to start a business or a workers union does not exist. Emigration is illegal.

Freedom of the press, religion or the right of peaceful assembly does not exist.

Fidel Castro shaped Cuba into the likeness of George Orwell's "1984." Big Brother, with beard and cigar, his picture adorned walls in buildings and on streets, with the motto, "History will absolve me." He was succeeded by little brother, Raúl, in 2008.

Last summer in a speech, lauded by the state-controlled media, Castro II spoke of the need for more police power.

“It is a real fact that the nobility of the Revolution has been abused when the full force of the law has not been utilized, however justified that might be, giving priority to persuasion and political work,” Castro II said.



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Dec 03, 2013