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Wilson joins anti-fracking list

The Village of Wilson joined the list of more than 100 New York municipalities to ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking.) a natural gas drilling technique under review by Gov. Cuomo’s administration. At last month's meeting, the Village Board passed a resolution banning the importation and treatment of toxic wastewater produced as a result of the process.

Wilson Village Trustee Bernie Leiker said, “Wilson has always been a farming, fishing, and boating community set on the shores of Lake Ontario, a natural resource worthy of our protection. The Village Board is strongly against any fracking in our community and in any community in New York or the surrounding states,"

Currently the Cuomo Administration is reviewing public comments and revising regulations in contemplation of issuing drilling permits.

 Critics say threats to the region from fracking include lack of watershed protection from drilling operations.
 Tom Amontree, executive vice president for America's Natural Gas Alliance, says critics are wrong. 

He said, "This work is performed by experienced workers and scientists and includes regular pressure and well casing integrity tests and the use of multiple layers of steel and cement casing to seal off the natural gas process from drinking water aquifers.”



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