Clare Bronfman files criminal complaint against Sarah Edmondson with Vancouver PD

Multiple sources tell Frank Report that Clare Bronfman filed a criminal complaint against Sarah Edmondson for “theft, fraud and mischief” with the Vancouver Police Department.

No arrests have been made.

Miss Bronfman’s complaint is on behalf of Executive Success Programs Inc. [ESP], a cult-like group that is headquartered near Albany, New York.  Miss Bronfman, 38, is Vice President of Operations for ESP – and, in that capacity, she oversees and manages all of the company’s  litigation.

ESP was founded by Keith Raniere, who prefers to be called “Vanguard” by his followers. The company operates as a multi-level marketing company that sells high intensity, high demand, life coaching and behavioral modification seminars known as Intensives. ESP’s Intensives cost from $2,100 to $10,000; students are encouraged to take several Intensives per year.

In her complaint, Miss Bronfman alleges more than 125 students in Vancouver left ESP because of Miss Edmondson’s “mischievous and fraudulent” activities.

Miss Edmondson, 40, in addition to being a popular Vancouver actress and voice talent, was an independent contractor who provided training in Vancouver for students of ESP. She recently stopped teaching ESP Intensives – and the storefront on Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver where she taught was then closed.

The exodus of Vancouver students coincides with revelations, first reported on Frank Report on June 5, of a secret women’s group called DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] whose membership is comprised of ESP students.

Reportedly more than 400 students left ESP during the last few months, thereby causing the company to close its training centers in Los Angeles and San Francisco in addition to the one in Vancouver.

DOS is one of several multi-level marketing companies founded by Mr. Raniere.

Clare Bronfman, daughter of the late billionaire, Edgar Bronfman Sr, and one of the heirs of the Seagram Liquor fortune, funds DOS operations and describes Mr. Raniere as her “mentor’”

According to former members, DOS members are subjected to 24-hour/7-days-a-week monitoring of diet, sleep, travel, hygiene, exercise, study and sex life by a coach whom they call “Master” (DOS students are called “slaves”). Members pledge to keep DOS practices a secret.

To ensure secrecy, DOS women are required to upload “collateral” to a cloud account that is controlled by Miss Bronfman (She also heads the Raniere-group’s IT department).

Collateral consists of graphic nude photographs and videos of DOS women, as well as confessions to criminal, adulterous, or scandalous activities – and, in some cases, the assignment of assets to the Raniere-controlled organization.

When sufficient collateral is held, a DOS “slave” is branded with a white-hot cauterizing iron with Mr. Raniere’s initials on her pubic region. Women are told that their collateral will be released to the general public if they ever reveal the existence of DOS or its practices.

What sparked the criminal complaint was that Miss Edmondson was reportedly disgusted by DOS practices of blackmail and human branding. When she left, other students bolted from the company.

Vancouver Police are expected to investigate the matter thoroughly before making any arrests and are likely to interview students who left ESP and DOS women who have been branded to determine if they felt coerced by Miss Bronfman and others into giving collateral.

Miss Bronfman and Mr. Raniere are said to be “angry” that Miss Edmondson left ESP and “eager” to see her handcuffed and imprisoned.

The Albany Times Union reported that students who left ESP in the past say that the company employs “private investigators to bully and urge the government to pursue charges against those they believe have crossed them…

“Sometimes, rather than filing a civil suit, [ESP] has chosen other tactics to silence its critics. The movement and its devotees have hired political figures or high-profile lawyers to push its agenda, sometimes attempting to spur a criminal investigation.

“Many of those services have been paid for by Clare Bronfman.”

Miss Bronfman’s late father described Mr. Raniere’s organizations as a ‘cult’ in an interview with Forbes Magazine.

raniere m

Keith Raniere is the Vanguard. He wants to see Sarah Edmondson put in prison.


Keith Raniere may be gambling his own freedom as Vancouver Police investigate why 125 people left ESP in Vancouver.


Clare Bronfman, shown with a cadre of high priced lawyers, is seeking to have Sarah Edmondson imprisoned.


Known as a skillful and convincing perjurer, Clare Bronfman walks into to court with one of her many attorney, the notorious William Savino Esq..



Sarah Edmondson is facing the wrath of Clare Bronfman and Clare’s master, Keith Raniere. They want her imprisoned for not supporting DOS branding and blackmail practices.


Sarah Edmondson discovered that Keith Raniere was branding women with his initials. Mr. Raniere and his hench-woman, Clare Bronfman, are attacking Miss Edmondson for leaving their company.



  1. Question for Clare says:

    Wow Clare. You are as ugly on the inside as you are on the outside. Tell me, when Vanguard has sex with you does he put a bag over your head? Or does he just close his eyes and beg God to kill him fast? A bunch of us are betting he just begs God to kill him fast. Can you let us know as the loser has to put up a photo of you over their bed for a week and not vomit. Thanks!

  2. These sociopaths will stoop to very low levels to stay afloat. Disgusting.

  3. About Sarah says:

    Sarah is one of the nicest people you can meet. Claire doing this is rallying a lot of people together to do whatever it takes legally to end their horrible cult. Way to get everyone on the same page Claire. A lot of us thought Claire had some redeeming value but it seems we were very wrong.

  4. Call the Waaaaaahmbulance.

    What a shitty organization led by a bunch of two-faced, unethical leaders. Everyone is leaving because people now clearly see through the facade that is the charlatan VanDouche, and their response is to file baseless and harassing criminal complaints against the people whose credibility, character, and skills they parasitically used to bring in people? What’s a matter VanTard? You couldn’t get Mrs. Edmondson branded and take a vow to you for life as a whore in your house? Because that’s exactly what a misogynist like you really thinks women are. Did her husband have too much character to not be a cuckold in the relationship unlike the remaining Society of Pussy members? Are you still upset that you couldn’t brainwash Ms. Kreuk who you really wanted, and had to settle for Allison instead, you fake, stalking fuck? Do you think that you could mimic your way to sincerity and not eventually betray it because of who you really are?

    “Poor” guy. Losing access to more pussy for his cult through his MLM “ethical” organization sham.

    This is a class A (for asshole) move, but I didn’t expect anything better.

  5. They’re desperate people. The house is burning with three sociopaths at the top burning with it. Clare, Alison and Keith, it’s getting hot isn’t it.

  6. The number of people who back Sarah exceed those who back Clare. And the people who back Sarah are stronger in spirit, and they are not going to stand down. Clare is destructive, and this is a pitiful and obvious example of whatever daddy issues she has not yet resolved.

  7. And so it begins…. a few thoughts. Some people, when their lover leaves them, recognize they must have caused it somehow. In fact Keith Raniere has said as much. That his nobility and compassion is so vast he looks for his responsibility in people leaving him. Upscale that to a corporation. Imagine people leaving a corporation. He would argue the corporation must have caused them to be sooooo unhappy they had to leave. But that’s just lip service. Also known as bullshit! That is not who he is or how he does things.

    Keith Raniere (aka Voldemort / aka He-who-shall-not-be-named) is a jealous lover who cannot handle rejection. Similarly he is a thin skinned, insecure CEO (I shudder to give him so much credit) who cannot handle people leaving his corporations or secret societies… even if he created conditions that are intolerable to those who have a conscience.

    Slavery, Slave Labor, Mutilation, Starvation Practices, Psychological Abuse, Harassment, Punishment (overt and covert), Slander, Imprisonment, Theft….

    So what does Voldemort do when people leave in abject horror and moral disgust? Go after them of course!!! Destroy them! Smite them! But not personally… Not in his name… He would have to get a minion to do it.

    Enter Frau Farbissina (aka Clare Bronfman) She will serve and destroy no matter what. Frau… don’t you realize the more pretty things who leave, the more you’ll have him to yourself? But more importantly Frau, what if they’re leaving because of YOU and ‘he-who-shall-not-be-named’. What if they find your practices and philosophy morally objectionable. And more importantly, what if the whole world, other than Neo-Nazis and ISIS, think the same thing. History will not be kind to you. You are a severely brainwashed zealot. And guess what? People know it. The police know it. Your lawyers know it. He-who-shall-not-be-named knows it (he engineered you that way) Everyone but you…. knows it.

    This action you’ve just taken is so utterly delusional, so utterly reprehensible. To pretend DOS does not exist and instead you have been injured… is plain bat shit crazy. But… you may have now awakened decent people to stand against you.


  8. And so it begins…. a few thoughts. Some people, when their lover leaves them, recognize they must have caused it somehow. In fact Keith Raniere has said as much. That his nobility and compassion is so vast he looks for his responsibility in people leaving him. Upscale that to a corporation. Imagine people leaving a corporation. He would argue the corporation must have caused them to be sooooo unhappy they had to leave. But that’s just lip service. Also known as bullshit! That is not who he is or how he does things.

    Keith Raniere (aka Voldemort / aka He-who-shall-not-be-named) is a jealous lover who cannot handle rejection. Similarly he is a thin skinned, insecure CEO (I shudder to give him so much credit) who cannot handle people leaving his corporations or secret societies… even if he created conditions that are intolerable to those who have a conscience.

    Slavery, Slave Labor, Mutilation, Starvation Practices, Psychological Abuse, Harassment, Punishment (overt and covert), Slander, Imprisonment, Theft….

    So what does Voldemort do when people leave in abject horror and moral disgust? Go after them of course!!! Destroy them! Smite them! But not personally… Not in his name… He would have to get a minion to do it.

    Enter Frau Farbissina (aka Clare Bronfman) She will serve and destroy no matter what. Frau… don’t you realize the more pretty things who leave, the more you’ll have him to yourself? But more importantly Frau, what if they’re leaving because of YOU and ‘he-who-shall-not-be-named’. What if they find your practices and philosophy morally objectionable. And more importantly, what if the whole world, other than Neo-Nazis and ISIS, think the same thing. History will not be kind to you. You are a severely brainwashed zealot. And guess what? People know it. The police know it. Your lawyers know it. He-who-shall-not-be-named knows it (he engineered you that way) Everyone but you…. knows it.

    This action you’ve just taken is so utterly delusional, so utterly reprehensible. To pretend DOS does not exist and instead you have been injured is plain bat shit crazy. But… you may have now awakened decent people to stand against you.


  9. You just F***'d yourself Clare says:

    Nice job Clare. Now the investigation will be opened towards you. You will have at least 100 people willing to stand against you and your disgusting practices. The people in Vancouver who left were disgusted at you and your posse and will gladly testify about your abuses. We have Sarah’s back and would all very much like to see you go to prison. You’re a sorry excuse for a human being.

  10. TRUMP PLAYBOOK says:

    Some of us think Clare Bronfman my be getting tutored by Donald Trump. (Wouldn’t that piss Vandouche off?!). This is the way the play works. Pussy grab, grandstand, steal, defraud, collude with criminals, play the victim, start wars…. and then blame everyone else for doing the same thing… as though you had nothing to do with it. Uhmmm…. Donald… I mean Clare. Haven’t you learned about projection? We sincerely doubt Sarah Edmondson is a criminal. In fact we know very well what your tactics of intimidation are. Most people are terrified of them, but your mafia-like strategy may have finally back fired. I don’t think it’s going to work to act innocent. We can see through you. Many, many, many of us… can see through you. The Trump play doesn’t work cos people are not as dumb as you think. Your approval ratings are plummeting. Even amongst those you pay off….

  11. Clare you’re so dumb. Doing everything your ‘master’ Raniere tells you to do. Haven’t you noticed that his advice always ends in your own demise? I hope you’re ready to tell the police you’ve been supporting blackmail, coercion, theft, fraud, abuse and vaginal branding. I wish I could be a fly on the wall for that one.

  12. TRUTH TELLER says:

    This is CLEAR evidence that NXIVM has done something wrong. You have a crap ton of money Clare. Why are you trying to bring CRIMINAL charges against a person who has done nothing wrong?

    Could it be that you are trying to distract people from the fact that YOU are a criminal?

    Does it bring you peace at night to know you are hurting innocent people? Does it bring you joy?

    I hope that if you are still in ESP and you are reading this, that you will take note of this.

    This is a FEAR tactic to get people to stop talking. Stop asking questions.

    They are saying that the people leaving are the ones on a hate campaign….but what do you call what Clare has just done?

    What kind of person files criminal charges against someone who just wanted to leave an organization that supports human trafficking, branding, slavery and fraud?

    If you believe for one second that this woman has ANY good intentions for humanity then think again.

    NXIVM has taken a page right out of Scientology…they will try to hurt you if you expose the TRUTH.

    This is a sad, sad day. We love you Sarah. You are a good person, and the truth will ALWAYS win.

  13. TRUTH TELLER says:

    YES! Sarah we have your back. So many people do. I’m glad that all the vagina branding and fraud will now get on PUBLIC record.

    Good work Clare.

  14. Clare is a joke says:

    Ba! Clare and ESP/SOP/all dumbass keith org’s, are a complete joke! The facad is over. Everyone knows these organizations are a scam and everyone behind them still at this point are A COMPLETE JOKE! When I was involved I thought Clare was a messed up kid who got dropped on her head too many times so she didn’t know how to communicate with humans. Turns out I was right. Yes right, not correct but RIGHT!

    Take your pathetic existence and your dad s money and leave Sarah and all those that don’t buy your bullshit alone.

    Please get on with your life you silly people disguised as personal growth seekers and let the brave ones who left get on with theirs.

  15. Not overly surprising actually. Claire and Nxivm go after all ex members that have any sort of influence./credibilty.

    What is surprising is that the remaining members, especially the Vancouver members, are taking sides with Claire, Keith etc over the people that have known and trusted for so many years. They would rather stand behind a mentally deranged billionaire than with the people they have known and trusted for so many years. I just don’t understand it…

    The same tech and tactics as Scientology. Anyone who can’t see that now is either a complete moron or so brainwashed that they are likely beyond repair.

    When this shit burns to the ground, they remaining members deserve to go down with it.

  16. Mr. Parlato, please help Sarah Edmondson turn the tables on Clare and Keith says:

    1. Contact Sarah and make sure she has a competent lawyer of the right kind

    2. Set up a legal defense fund for Sarah and post how to contribute to it anonymously. Make sure it works for US and Canadian dollars, and she can withdraw as Canadian dollars

    3. Have your lawyers talk to Sarah’s lawyer to communicate Raniere-verse legal tactics.

    4. Also communicate how to use the legal system to open up Clare and Keith to investigation. Sarah may need to counter-charge malicious prosecution, or file a civil suit for defamation.

  17. Your Concience says:

    The Vancouver Police are great. They will investigate properly and upon interviewing less than ten out of the hundreds of women living in Vancouver willing to give the police their testimony and PROOF of Keith’s and Clare’s abuses of people who trusted them, the VPD will conclude Clare is batshit crazy and Sarah will be protected. There are just too many of us willing to fully cooperate with the police. In fact I’m pretty excited about it. I can’t wait! Some of us didn’t listen when ESP leaders told us to delete our chat groups and emails 😉 Come at me, bro. I welcome it.

  18. Clare Bronfman is an Evil Torturer says:

    You have really done it this time. Your days of lying and torturing everyone around you are over. That’s it for you Clare. You have never been held accountable for your actions before. Never. You’ve lived an effects-less life. Guess what? We are all going to hold your feet to the fire beginning now.

    No one will tolerate your torturing of Sarah Edmondsen. No one. You had a choice. You could have let us all walk away. You chose wrong. Do you think people don’t want to rebuild their lives? Once a person wakes up from the living hell of NXIVM, we’re faced with the horror of the years lost. We all want the time you stole from us back. We all want to erase our memories of your malicious condescending bullshit. You don’t care about ethics – you lie, cheat, and steal in the blink of an eye.

    And you revel in it.

    You picked the wrong fight Clare. People who were moving on are turning back. For Sarah Edmondsen. All eyes are on you Clare. You. Look long and hard in the mirror today and say to yourself “I made these choices – and I am earning my effects. The results I get will be mine 100%. Deserved.”

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  19. What? Are these people living under a rock? I’m assuming they are not watching “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath”? This is the same shit Scientology does! Do they not realize how transparent this is? I guess not. Wow. Too much Kool-Aid and too little current affairs. They really are stuck in the 80’s. So news-flash Clare. Scientology has tried this and it’s backfiring on them. Turns out they were diabolically stupid to try mess with dark haired Leah. Their antics and self-righteous litigation just makes them look like evil assholes. Did you know that? Oh…. I guess not. You’re only allowed to read and watch what your savior tells you too. You do know that what he ‘teaches’ you is no replacement for the high school education you never got right? Well anyway…. Don’t watch the show.

    We will.

    And so will all the other espians….

  20. Clare Bronfman Is The Criminal Here says:

    Clare Bronfman filing a complaint in Canada? Great! We all can report to the Vancouver Police Clare’s attempt to get personal financial records on other women – reporters and judges too – who left Clare’s evil clutches. To try and blackmail and harm them.

    Frank Report reported on this last year.

    Clare paid an investigator in Canada $1 million to get personal financial records on Toni Natalie, Susan Dones, Barbara Bouchey and Frank Parlato. She tried to get bank account records for US Federal Judges and every reporter that’s ever wrote a story about NXIVM or the Bronfman’s. This is no secret.

    Espians still living in denial – ask Clare about this. Or Nancy. Do your research. “Get the data”.

    I bet the Vancouver police will find this very interesting.


    We love you Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Clare Bronfman is a hateful monster.


    The Church of Scientology has been involved in court disputes in several countries. In some cases, when the Church has initiated the dispute, questions have been raised as to its motives.The Church says that its use of the legal system is necessary to protect its intellectual property and its right to freedom of religion. Critics say that most of the Church’s claims are designed to harass Suppressive Persons, people who impede the progress of the Scientology movement.

    In the years since its inception, the Church of Scientology’s lawsuits filed against newspapers, magazines, government agencies (including the United States tax collecting unit, the IRS), and individuals have numbered in the thousands. In 1991, Time magazine estimated that the Church spends an average of about $20 million per year on various legal actions,and it is the exclusive client of several law firms. According to a U.S. District Court Memorandum of Decision in 1993, Scientologists “have abused the federal court system by using it, inter alia, to destroy their opponents, rather than to resolve an actual dispute over trademark law or any other legal matter. This constitutes ‘extraordinary, malicious, wanton, and oppressive conduct.’ … It is abundantly clear that plaintiffs sought to harass the individual defendants and destroy the church defendants through massive over-litigation and other highly questionable litigation tactics. The Special Master has never seen a more glaring example of bad faith litigation than this.”Rulings such as this have classified the Church of Scientology as a chronically vexatious litigant. Legal disputes initiated by Scientology against its former members, the media or others include the following:

    Religious discrimination cases, including recognition as a religious organization.
    Copyright infringement cases. Scientology’s religious documents are copyrighted, and many are available only to members who pay for higher levels of courses and auditing.
    Libel and slander cases.
    In the past, the Church has been involved in criminal court cases (e.g. United States v. Hubbard), but increasingly, lawsuits are being brought by former Church members against the Church, such as:

    Human Trafficking and Forced Labor (Claire and Mark Headley v. Church of Scientology, Int’l)
    Fraud and Misrepresentation
    Libel (e.g. Hill v. Church of Scientology of Toronto).

  23. In my experience/opinion (Lol)…
    Um No.
    I found out Sarah left indirectly through my other friends. I was effing shocked. Like mouth open. No words coming out. Shocked.

    It has been very difficult to talk to her about what’s going on, because she knows that they may sue her. Duh. NXIVM 101.

    So. No. Vancouver died because when people learned of her leaving (again, not from her), they knew something was wrong. They TRUST her. We TRUST each other. We have a beautiful community she built that supports each other and 100% supports Sarah.

    Clare and Voldemort can suck it.

    The dominoes quickly toppled after Vancouver people heard of her exit. I think it’s a beautiful Tribute (Lol) to her CHARACTER and INTEGRITY. Sarah knew of the legal implications if she spoke 3 months ago. This is actually bull$&@! When you have established your integrity through actual care and compassion, people tend to TRUST you.

  24. Clare Fails At Everything - NO ONE WILL BE INTIMIDATED says:

    Clare Bronfman fails at everything she does. The irony is she believes she is superior to everyone in NXIVM. She thinks she is the most noble, hardworking, ethical, producer. Clare lives in a world of delusion. She is so narcissistic, her megalomania makes it impossible for her to interact with reality.

    Her reality is she has zero measurable results. Clare’s stats –

    Dropped out of high school.

    Spent $4 million a year training to be an equestrian, flying horses around the world and paying a band of servants. Failed to make the Olympic team. Quit the sport.

    Joined ESP with her sister and failed to keep her father Edgar Bronfman Sr. enrolled by her example. He left disgusted by Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere’s conduct and Clare’s behavior regarding them. He called the training a cult to Forbes magazine.

    Invested in the commodities market through Keith Raniere – lost $65 Million.

    Invested in the California real estate market through Keith Raniere – lost $26 million.

    Spent $8 million suing the partners, Keith’s former best friend, in the real estate venture – won a judgement that was noncollectable.

    Failed to develop the properties.

    Invested $5 million to sue Joe O’Hara for $2 million. Won a judgement that was noncollectable. Total loss approx $7 million.

    Sponsored and ran the A Cappella Innovations festival at the Egg Performing Arts Center in Albany. Festival collapsed when invited music groups revolted over the invasive cult practices forced on them and the lack of credibility of the Judges.

    Joined the NXIVM Executive Board and became it’s litigation manager. Invested $20 million in various litigations against NXIVM enemies Rick Ross, Morris and Rochelle Sutton, Barbara Bouchey, Toni Natalie, Jim Odato, Suzanna Andrews, and Metroland Magazine. Lost all the cases.

    Created, sponsored, and ran The World Ethical Foundations Consortium inaugural event, built around the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama cancelled his attendance.

    Created, sponsored, and ran the WEFC hosting of the Dalai Lama at the Palace Theatre in Albany. The event lost money. The Dalai Lama declared Keith Raniere needed to be investigated. The relationship with the Dalai Lama collapsed shortly after when it was exposed Clare’s sister was sleeping with Dalai Lama event point person Lama Tenzin.

    Attempted to commit crimes by spending $1 million to get financial records on various NXIVM enemies, judges, and reporters from a private investigator in Canada. The investigator made up phony records.

    Instituted a harassing lawsuit against Frank Parlato, then lied to federal prosecutors to have him indicted. Result = Creation of the Frank Report, and the exposure of all of Clare’s secrets, Keith Raniere’s conduct, and the inner realities of DOS. Result = 10’s of millions of dollars of negative publicity for Clare, the NXIVM leadership, and all the NXIVM related entities. Result = likely destruction of Allison Mack’s career. Result = inability to enroll new people into Executive Success Programs, Jness, and SOP trainings the only NXIVM entities that generate revenue.

    Presently VP of Operations for all of NXIVM’s companies. Fails to get any of the companies taxes paid. Fails to pay commissions or trainer fees accurately or on time. Fails to maintain morale. Fails to retain staff and students in an ongoing manner. 100’s have left disgusted feeling harmed.

    No one should feel intimidated by Clare Bronfman. She is a born loser. Don’t let her megalomania deceive you from evaluating the data of her reality. Clare will never succeed going against Sarah Edmondsen.

  25. Like to Add says:

    Failed to learn how to be a decent human being.

    Failed to develop a conscience.

    Failed to learn the meaning of the term “internalized misogyny”.

    Failed to protect women from predation by Keith Raniere.

  26. Clare was always so cold and rude. After this DOS shit came out, I started to understand why she acted that way. I tolerated so much annoying crap from her for fear of not getting my next stripe, and now that I see the BS in that system, I’m so much happier and feel way stronger. I am so incredibly thankful to Sarah for her bravery! She actually wasn’t even the one who told me what was going on, she was just the first slave to take a stand and gave strength to the other women who felt fearful of their masters. I hadn’t even talked to Sarah about this stuff in detail when my phone started to ring – woman after woman all reaching out to me to ask if I had been invited and if I was ok. Wow. That made an impact on me.

    I’m glad this ESP/DOS stuff has come out and hope it topples the rest of the “masters” in this slave pyramid scheme. This organization is completely dishonourable in how it treats people, women especially! I better say “in my opinion” so I don’t ruin your internal representation, if you’re reading this Ha! Let it crumble and get Keith behind bars where he can be some huge dude’s slave. That might finally teach him…

  27. Angry ex-Bronfman slave says:

    Clare. You earned your reputation as the world’s biggest cunt. How did you cause so many people to hate you? Go do a BS session on that one.

  28. And on the 7th day, God created Clare and beat her with an ugly stick but gave her wealth beyond her wildest dreams. And God said “I done fucked up with this one”.

  29. Is it just me or is it amazing karma that Keith and Clare are stuck with each other. The evil bitch and the sociopath. And I bet deep down they hate each other.

  30. Sarah is a hero says:

    Sarah is my hero and a hero to many. She has more grace, passion, and competence in her pinky finger than Clare Bronfman will have across her whole lifetime. We all need to stand up to Clare and her tyranny!

  31. Thank You Vangaurd says:

    “There are no ultimate victims” – goes the credo and mission statement of ESP.
    Clair, Keith, how did you “cause” this to happen with your potency?

    Most people who left esp recently did so because of the Frank report, not Sarah.
    In my experience, Sarah left honourably and without saying anything that wasn’t true.

    Answer me this? If women were being enrolled into a slave cult under the guise of personal development, why are you looking at Sarah? What about the group who started DOS? Why isn’t anybody going after them?

    Sarah we have your back. You’ve done nothing but help people by standing up and walking out.
    You’ll be fine. Clair is drawing an awful lot of attention to herself and it’s about to blow up and hopefully blow Nxium back to HELL!

  32. Keith Hates Women. Period. says:

    Keith definitely hates Clare.

  33. Clare Bronfman Created the Frank Report says:

    Clare created the Frank Report. It is the most beautiful example of cause and effect. This blog is what is taking NXIVM down. This blog is what outed DOS and now thousands of people read it every day, and dozens leave the cult every week.

    There was nothing just about what Clare Bronfman did to Frank Parlato. It was simply unethical deceitful fraud. And Clare? You will be brought to justice for it. In the meantime? You can relish reading this site every day, and repeating your daily affirmations of delusion and megalomania.

    Keep pretending to yourself this site is anything but what it is. A mirror for your black heart. For all the world to see. Did you really think Frank Parlato would take your shit storm lying down? No, he fought you back, and has been fighting you hard.

    The beauty of it is Frank Parlato taking up the fight against your unjust actions created a channel for all of us to stand up to you. All of us to out you for the malicious demon spawn that you are.

    Now you are going against Sarah Edmondsen? For what? This blog? You created this blog Clare. You. It’s all you, these are your effects. Every day when you log on this site look at your creation.

    Espians still involved – Clare did this to you. This is what happens when you go to work for an organization with Clare in charge. This is how Clare does business, this is how she operates.

    Espians who left or are thinking of leaving? Read this site carefully. There are many brilliant posts that will help you see more clearly the truth of what you experienced in ESP, DOS, SOP, and Jness.

  34. Hell Hath No Fury says:

    Clare, Clare, Clare…

    Can’t you see you are being manipulated? Keith has always used woman to insulate himself from being held accountable for his actions. He puts you all at the head of his companies so he is not able to be sued, but instead someone like yourself will take the fall for him. He hides behind you, and Alison, and any woman he can by putting you in charge of his “companies”.

    Maybe you do it because at the time you feel special or important to him, think you are “earning” something, but really all he is doing is protecting his own ass. He want’s your name on the line in case shit hits the fan… like it has here. When all of this comes to light and gets exposed he will try to put up his hands and claim it was all “your” choice and “your” responsibility. He will convince you it is ethical to stand for him, but all he is doing you is using you to dodge a bullet he knew may one day come for him with his questionable practices.

    Clare, you have been so badly used by this man because when he found you you were in a very vulnerable place. You had not experienced earning for yourself because you were born with the silver spoon in your mouth. This sociopath man, Keith, used you because you had the money he could not legally acquire on his own and he made you feel like you mattered.

    Likely as a young girl you were looking for a father figure who really cared for you and treated you as though you were valuable… and that you mattered. Now you are so deeply entrenched into this organization, you have done horrible acts in the name of “ethics”, perjured yourself in court and coming clean may mean you’d face criminal charges. It is hard to walk away now because he has systematically put you between a rock and a hard place. backing off now you would have to admit your mistake of trusting him.

    Clearly, you think going after Sarah is the answer now because you have somehow justified it in your mind. Either because you actually believe it is “ethical” from having your mind warped by Keith, or you have literally taken the fall now unknowingly because the tools are designed to kill compassion, not build it. He wants to turn others into a sociopath like himself… that is what all the courses are designed to do. Those few who have stayed apart of the organization actually think they are “ethical” – it’s crazy!

    Keith is not as smart as he likes to tell everyone, or how he likes everyone to tell people he is. The guy has done some very dumb moves for being a genius. Your idolization of this false prophet has blinded you to what is going on outside of the Albany bubble he sucked you all into. If you pick up some books and start reading what other people wrote long ago you will realize Keith has stole 99% of what he teaches from others and claimed it as his own. Maybe a little repackaging, but nothing new.

    Here is the thing, Sarah didn’t have to tell anyone anything, when we saw her leave we knew something was wrong. In fact many people already had suspicions and her murmurs of trouble in Albany. We all trust Sarah because she was a genuine, real, authentic person who showed up day in and day out with real compassion and integrity in all she did. Her consistent actions and decisions earned something long before she left. When she left we simply knew there was a red flag and that was enough to ask around.

    People found out what you were doing and the word spread fast because – NOW LISTEN – what you where doing with DOS is fucked up! Seriously, there is no way anyone hearing about that would be okay with Keith branding woman and men having their girlfriends/wives sleep with him… It is actually insane! What is so crazy is for a moment people thought they were building character, but then the men pointed out how nuts that was. Branding people’s pubic region is illegal – not to mention traumatizing! We a not Keith’s cattle.

    Those who know Sarah know she is an amazing woman who truly cares and has a massive heart. Even when Keith took all the people from her Vancouver center and didn’t support her she still held her head high and was strong, in spite of being the one who built the entire organization over there. She earned trust with people and when you truly trust someone they don’t have to say anything for others to notice them.

    Clare, you may not be half the woman she is, but it is never too late to find some humility. So many people are going to stand up for Sarah and if you choose the side of “evil” we will stand against you for it. If there is an evil in this world you are dancing with it right now. I know you don’t believe in that word, but this is a truly destructive act to try and go after Sarah because your organizations are crumbling from being exposed.

    If you are truly “good” then come clean about the branding in DOS and make a public statement. Be transparent and tell the world what is going on. Let’s see if people understand. The fact that you are hiding so much though is largely the problem here. Can’t you see that you are the destructive ones, all of the people at the top of the organization, hiding, lying and targeting those who want to leave you?

    Yes, if you come clean many people will totally despise you, this is unavoidable at this point based on the decisions you have made so far. Find the courage though to be good, to actually be moral and ethical by not fighting Keith’s battles anymore. You have been at war with people for so many years now… you don’t have to be. But down your arms and stop attacking others – Keith has sucked you into his war and made you his general, but you don’t have to follow him anymore. We see his true colors now.

    if you continue to go after Sarah or anyone else who left many of us will stand against it and with whatever force you throw our way we will use that very force to expose you. If you want to destroy yourself attack those who left… if you want to see what it means to have courage take your money and walk away from this organization. You can stand alone, without Keith. We did it, so can you.

    Get out. Leave Sarah alone.

  35. Sarah was a leader at ESP here in Vancouver, and a great, trustworthy person. When she left, others followed suit because of the reputation and trust she built. I can say from personal expedience that she’s a wonderful person and these charges are ridiculous.

  36. Ex Slave of Clare Bronfman says:

    I was a slave of Clare Bronfman and I am pretty pissed about it. She really hurt me and harmed my life. She was condescending to the point of abuse. She was always putting my efforts down and devaluing my results. She repeatedly withheld my pay or threatened to not pay me for bullshit reasons. She was nasty and had no emotions. She would dictate to me what my issues were and try to control every aspect of my life. What a scam. Like some rich bitch 40 year who has zero education or skill and can’t get anything done can give me advice.

    All the gaslighting that goes on around Clare. All the “it’s your issue” “It’s your projection” “you need an EM” when you have the tiniest difference of opinion from her. To blackmail you to shut up.

    I can’t believe I ever internalized her bullshit. I’m still traumatized.

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  38. Gloves are off says:

    It’s time we all take off our gloves and fight.

    1. This cult is evil. Let’s burn it down.

    2. Anyone who can offer a valid and legitimate tip on anything illegal Clare has done please enter it on this blog. We will forward to the authorities.

    3. Anyone still in this disgusting organization is refusing to see the data and should be put on this blog. Especially SOP. Name the sop men on here or anyone else involved.

    4. We want to know everything illegal keith has done. Publish even more of that shit. Community, you have some tips. Send them.

    5. Rally the community around Sarah. No one will let Clare bully her. Clare is just a hideous bully.

    6. The community will be called upon soon to act. When that happens, act. It’s coming.

    7. Comment on more of the posts on this site. Lead others to it. The more eyeballs the better.

    8. Report the company to scam sites and other sites to make people aware of their evil ways.

    9. If you have any friends in Dos warn them of herpes (this is real). Getting them out is important.

    10. Any other legal means that torch these cult motherfuckers.

    They are scared. And they should be. We outnumber the insects involved in this and we are all fucking furious.

  39. Stand with Sarah Edmondson says:

    We stand with you Sarah E! We are with you and will always be with you.

    You have nothing to fear. Light will ALWAYS win.

  40. This is the mindset of the people attacking Sarah Edmondson.

    “Mind Control Made Easy, or How to Become a Cult Leader”:

    Onion inner core Deception Offer something free Tell them time is running out…

    Diminish doubting comiseration by separating recruits
    Involve them with truebelivers so it all seems normal
    Love bombing – unconditional love
    Act friendly and interested
    Get information and identify weak spots
    Gradually shape recruit’s behaviour by granting or witholding love and attention
    After recruit has bonded, make demands

    Control behaviour – prescribe schedule – keep active
    Control Emotions – Fear
    Control information

    Encourage members to spy and report on one another
    Separate recruit from himself by attacking the self and inducing a mental breakdown disguised as a spiritual awakening
    When they start to freak out, or halucinate, tell them they are flushing out the bad stuff inside and transforming, and that this is good
    Make them paranoid about their own bodies or thought processes
    Tell them there is a part of their mind they must eliminate: “your ego is the source of all your problems”
    “Now I don’t know who I am anymore” “Good! Now you’re free; in fact there was no ‘you’ there to begin with”
    Claim authority: from a divine source; special knowledge; scientific research; make up stories to boost your (leader’s) importance
    Induce self-hypnosis or trance states by practicing thought-stopping rituals and repetitve acts (like singing, spining, mantras, etc.)
    Revert them back to chidhood behaviour and mindless obedience

    Encourage separation from family and friends:
    “Your family and friends probably won’t understand” / “Maybe you should stay away from them; it’s unhealthy for you to be around unenlightened people anyway” / “If you can’t recruit your friends, cut off from them” / “Stop wasting time with non-believers”

    Encourage Dependency and Conformity Discouage Autonomy and Individuality: “The self-purpose must be subordinated”

    Have sessions where people demonize their early lives and praise their lives in the group” Rewrite the past as if it was terrible, EVEN if it was great:
    “…Thanks to the leader I’m a winner…”

    Isolate them from the rest of the world make them feel part of an elite group, with an important mission(s)
    Tighten your group’s bonds by establishing scape goats and enemies, demonizing outsiders as inferiors, biased, corrupt or conspiring against the leader, and develop an US vs THEM mentality

    Fighting Resistance: tell them their ‘critical thoughts’ are evidence that they have commited a crime against the group
    ‘I think I wanna leave…’ “You must be insane!”
    Make them feel guilty: “We’re doing important work here” / “Do you think that saving the world is easy?” / “We must make sacrifices…” / “Just when things get tough, you wanna give up” / “You’re weak!” / “Do you want to move forward into virtue, or do you want to fall back into your old, dirty ways?” / “What’s more important: the cause or your petty grievances?” / “You’re being negative; ignorant; sinful” / “Our leader is flawless” / “There must be something wrong with YOU”

    Indoctrinate with Fear: tell them they may be possessed by evil spirits or SUGGEST THAT

  41. krclaviger says:

    Nice summary of an ugly woman, inside and out.

  42. I wish these people left years ago. I’ve been saying this guy and his cult was bad news to members at least eight years ago.

  43. This is disgusting. We got your back Sarah!

  44. The Zero-th Rule of Fight Club says:

    Is pick your fights.

    Clare and Keith picked the wrong fight.

    Too many people have Sarah Edmondson’s back.

    And it sounds like Sarah was careful to just walk away, with no statements about what others should do. Smart.

    Sarah’s cred with her community was sufficient to do the job without any exposure for her.

    Clare and Keith are far more likely to burn here than Sarah!

  45. Sad for you LR says:

    Lucas Roberts. Why are you not protecting your friend like a good society of protectors man should do? Are you a coward?

  46. LR is what is called an opportunist. Prior commitments to ethical standards – don’t make me laugh and say VanDouche and his inner circle are a legitimate ethical standard for anything or anyone – or those made to people in the name of them, are seen as less valued than material self-advancement in some endeavor. Ayn Rand would be proud of such a “virtue” of selfishness.

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