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APR 28 - MAY 05, 2015

Text of Letter from Brochey to Sen Schumer on Lewiston - Queenston Bridge 'Expansion'

April 28, 2015

Text of Letter from Brochey to Sen Schumer on Lewiston - Queenston Bridge 'Expansion'

April 2015 

Dear Senator Schumer;

I’m all for economic growth in our area and to increase the speed and flow of Canadian traffic in our County. This brings money into our area and the tax generated helps our budget tremendously.

I was somewhat surprise to read about an expansion project planned for the Lewiston Queenston Bridge coming to our Town. Why was it that no one informed me or our Council  about this project or press release. This is the same type of action that has plagued our Town for the past couple of years by big government .

 My concern is the possible increase in truck volume that definitely will happen with this expansion.  What I find reading in our local paper are the positives but not any of the negatives of this project.

 There was an article a couple of years ago in the Buffalo Newspaper about health issues for those living near the Peace Bridge in Buffalo. A higher rate of young people with asthma  were noted  and there was talk back then about diverting more truck traffic to Lewiston because of this. Last year I called Congressman Higgins to try and stop this. He had an aide call me back to tell me not to worry and that it won’t happen.  According to his office, they felt that the Grand Island bridges were too narrow for that kind of flow of trucks and that even the toll plaza there wouldn’t be able to handle the anticipated extra flow.

Now, here we are just several months later and without notice, talk of an expansion.

In that immediate area of the American side of the Lewiston Queenston Bridge is our Mount St. Mary’s Hospital, Sacred Heart Villa School, Mount St Mary’s Child Care Center, and our Lady of Peace Nursing Care Residence plus three separate residential areas. This area that I’m referring to is between 100 yards to ¼ mile of the Lewiston Queenston Bridge.

I’m encouraging you, Senator Schumer, to please take a hard look at doing a health study for our seniors living close by at the Nursing Care Center, the children at Sacred Heart Villa School and Mount St Mary’s Child Care Center. I would also like to see a study done for noise decibels that may come from loud trucks and cars that may decrease the quality of life for those living in that area.  We do not want to worry about asthma or other health related illnesses that may occur in our future like what has happened in Buffalo.

Dennis J. Brochey
Lewiston Town Supervisor
1375 Ridge Rd
Lewiston, N.Y. 14092

By the way, I believe we have met and shook hands in an elevator in N.Y. City a couple of months ago.
I’m sure I’m one of hundreds that this has happened to you with.





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