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Before, during and after the Holiday Market, which ran from November 26 until December 31. 2011, developer Mark Rivers advertised the market on his web site: www.niagaramarket.com
While the web site is inactive now, during the event, never once were there posted actual pictures of the Market.
 Instead, Mr. Rivers used pictures of real European markets clearly intended to make people believe these were photos of the Niagara Holiday Market. A blurb at the left top of the home page, near the misleading photos, claimed the Niagara Market is the largest such event of its kind in the country.
While advertising his vendors row of shops, he used these pictures.

Holiday Market Holiday Market

Below is what the Niagara Holiday Market actually looked like.
Holiday Market Holiday Market

In describing Market attractions, the web site claimed the Market had a "spectacular Christmas tree."
However Mr. River’s never posted a true picture of the Niagara Holiday Market’s Christmas tree, which was 21 feet tall, but chose instead to post a cropped picture of the lighted 70-foot-tall spruce at Rockefeller Center.

(On the left is the tree that was advertised on his web site. On the right the actual tree.

While advertising his skating rink, Mr. Rivers did not show a picture of the actual rink at the Market but a picture of Wollman Skating Rink (lower left) in Central Park in Manhattan. The picture was cropped so that one does not see the well-known New York City skyline in the background. On the right (below) is the actual rink at the Holiday Market.



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