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AUGUST 19- AUGUST 27 2014

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Anello to Head Back into Political Life as Mayoral Candidate in 2015?

Last week, rumors surfaced of a possible challenge to Mayor Paul Dyster in the 2015 election by a candidate whose name recognition is at least as great as the incumbent's; radio talk show host and former Mayor Vince Anello.

Vince Anello and Me: A Brief History

To say that the relationship between former Mayor Vince Anello and the Niagara Falls Reporter is complicated would be an understatement.

The Anello - Hudson Texts Leading to Interview

In what some might call a surprising development, Niagara Falls Reporter founder Mike Hudson posted a comment on the Niagara Community Forum Facebook page saying that former Mayor Vince Anello was the best mayor this city had since Hudson first came to Niagara Falls in the 1990s.

One Niagara Pays Back Taxes to City

The owners of One Niagara, the sometimes controversial building at 360 Rainbow Blvd. that has been battling with the city for years over taxes, on Monday delivered a check for $1,627,472.01 to the city to finally put the matter to rest and possibly usher in a new era of cooperation.

Councilman Anderson Wants Action on Rats

It was a little over a year ago that this newspaper brought to light a rat problem near the Covanta Energy Plant in Niagara Falls. While the rat problem was eventually brought under control, it appears a new rat issue may be emerging in LaSalle and Councilman Bob Anderson is ringing the warning bell.

As Dispute Heats Up Between CSEA and Lewiston Sup. Brochey, Some Solutions offered

During the last two weeks we have reported on the controversy between the Town of Lewiston and the CSEA Union workers at the Sewer Plant over a three percent raise paid for a time then rescinded.

Reporter Welcomes New Publisher at Gazette, Tonawanda News

We here at the Niagara Reporter would like to extend our congratulations and best wishes to Chris Voccio who last week was named publisher of the Niagara Gazette and Tonawanda News effective Sept. 2 by Community Newspapers Holdings

Public Meeting Weds. on Radio Tower Leg. Chairman Ross to Chair Meet on Controversial Plan

LEWISTON—Lewiston residents have expressed concerns over a fire and police radio tower resulting from a federal radio narrowbanding mandate, and Niagara County Legislature Chairman William L. Ross, C-Wheatfield, announced he will hold a meeting Wednesday to get answers to the public's questions.

Johnson Retires as Reporter Predicted

Mike Johnson, the town of Lewiston's internal claims auditor, is retiring this week. The Niagara Falls Reporter exclusively reported back on June 17 that Johnson would retire once he reached his 62nd birthday.

Jayne Park Plans Not Final
But City is Moving Fast Forward to Spend Grant

Last week Niagara Falls city officials got around to explaining why they are suddenly pushing the spending of money in Jayne Park, a neighborhood park on the northern boundary of Cayuga Island.

Jayne Park Debate Continues on Facebook
Consensus Has Not Been Reached

The following postings are from the Cayuga Island Facebook page. It is hardly representational of what Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster has called a "consensus" in support of his administration's plan for Jayne Park.

Council Funds Concert, Repaves Own
Parking Lot With Your Money

The Niagara Falls City Council spent around a half a million dollars of your money last week and it will benefit you about not at all. A bit of it they gave to a concert promoter who said he didn't need it and the bulk went to repaving the lot where they park their cars.

Grandinetti to Hudson: "You're Ignorant!"
Defiantly Defends Pro-choice Position

Last week Mike Hudson's story "Grandinetti To Celebrate Abortion Rights Hosting Rocking Party August 14" touched a raw nerve with the councilwoman and her supporters, to say the least.


Below is something that is not taught in public schools. It is history nonetheless and easy enough for anyone who is interested to verify.

New Signs Warn Visitors to Not be Stupid, You Morons!

As recently as this spring, the Niagara Falls Reporter had it pretty well figured out. As a response to the insane number of auto burglaries that continue to plague the downtown parking lots here, this newspaper recommended that signs be posted warning

Destino is no SAFE Bet in 62nd District

The sudden exit of George Maziarz from the 62nd Senate District race has ramped up the role that the New York SAFE Act is expected to play as Robert Ortt and Johnny Destino campaign to capture Maziarz's seat.

Dinner for Prozeralik Celebrates Extraordinary Life and Career

At 6 p.m. on Aug. 27 at the Como Restaurant, a dinner will be held in honor of Niagara Falls businessman John Prozeralik, aged 90.

Motorcycle Dice Run Set For Sunday Will
Aid Teen with Cancer

The Niagara Orleans Square and Compasses Club will hold its Third annual Dice Run for charity on August 24. This year's beneficiary is 17-year old Nathan Brundage and his family. Nathan's has Glioblastoma a rare form of brain cancer.

Lewiston Jazz Fest to Feature Karrin Allyson,
Other Jazz Stars, Vintage Cars, Fine Food and Spirits

Since 2001, former Lewiston Mayor Dick Soluri has orchestrated the Lewiston Jazz Festival. The Festival has become one of the most popular and entertaining events in all of Western New York.

Kenny Rogers' Mansion 4 Sale

Kenny Rogers, 75, a country-ballad, soft-rock singer who has sold more than 85 million records, has put his estate in North Buckhead, Atlanta on the market.

Letters to the Editor

LPD A BIT LIKE MAYBERRY One of the best things about living in Lewiston is the quality of life we all enjoy. While being far more sophisticated and prosperous than the fictional town of Mayberry it still has that

Parking Signs Aren't Funny

Last week the city of Niagara Falls announced it put up signs warning of thieves and for tourists to lock their doors and hide their valuables.

Delicious Way to Rid Your Neighborhood of Rats

In this edition, Councilman Robert Anderson has taken issue with the rats and it is no laughing matter to have rats running around your neighborhood. But for those

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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