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SEPT 23- SEPT 30 2014

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Five-year Way to Wellville Contest to Cost Big, Niagara Falls is in With all Four Paws

Niagara Falls - While Councilman Charles Walker has not found time to file his required campaign disclosure reports with the state Board of Elections - something he has been in violation of for more than a year

Peter Mio, Popular Former Publisher of Niagara Gazette, Tonawanda News, Joins Reporter

Frank Parlato, the owner of the Niagara Falls Reporter, has decided the time has come to take his weekly newspaper to the next level and with that in mind he is hiring Peter Mio

Owner's Note on Changes To the Reporter

Owner's Note: As we plan to significantly expand the reach and readership of the Niagara Falls Reporter, I want to state that I am proud of the staff I have assembled at the Niagara Falls Reporter.

Isaiah 61 Storefront Condemned, While Dyster Does God's Work With Casino Cash

The Niagara Falls Reporter learned last week that the Isaiah 61 Project, the not-for-profit charged with teaching young, underemployed people how to fix properties up to code, was in serious violation of the New York State building code at its storefront on Hyde Park Blvd.

Former City Engineer at Shroud of Turin Conference Skurka Says 'Radiocarbon Dating is Proof of Christ's Resurrection!'

The Shroud of Turin, believed by skeptics to be a witless13th Century forgery and by other believers to be the true Holy Grail, where water and the Blood of Christ are truly mixed, remains one of the most controversial objects in the history of mankind.

Dyster Plays King as Rats Take Control in LaSalle

Rats. They were sung about by Michel Jackson in the film, "Ben" and by local disc jockeys Danny Nevereth and Joey Reynolds in the early sixties local hit, "Rats in My Room." Rats are often depicted

New County Law Gives Tax Breaks For Homes With LEED Certification

The current leadership of Niagara Falls must stop the free-for-all spending of the casino money. I was in total shock to see the Dyster Administration wanted to spend a half million dollars on the Highland Avenue fire hall.

Lewiston Grass Seeding Job a Rip-Off, Photos Show

Last year, Lewiston Town Supervisor Dennis Brochey ran his election campaign pledging to find new ways to save money, end wasteful spending and bring a new accountability to town government.

Judy Dale Resurfaces in New Jersey, And More Trouble Now Ensuing

Judy Dale, now known as Judith Marra, formerly of Niagara Falls, is managing the Galaxy Condominiums in Guttenberg, N. J..

Rats, Fires and Casino Cash Is there a Problem Here?

Rats in LaSalle Following the publication of our story last week on rats in LaSalle, several DPW representatives visited houses in LaSalle and the bottom line is that the Dyster administration is 'guilting'

Spurback Frustrated, Retiring After More Than 20 Years of Service

It's the end of an era really. After 22 years of heading the city's block clubs, building the organization from the ground up, Roger Spurback is retiring.

Spurback: In His Own Words- a Final Address...

(The longtime leader of the Niagara Falls block clubs, Roger Spurback, has chosen to step down. Here is his exclusive statement to the Niagara Falls Reporter.) My time is up.

Dyster, Higgins Expected To Headline Destino Event

Mayor Paul Dyster of Niagara Falls and Rep. Brian Higgins (D - 26th District) are expected to be the major headliners at an endorsement press conference for State Senate candidate Johnny Destino on Thursday

Sandonato's Facebook Alias Just a Backwards Attempt?

Sometimes, Niagara Falls politics is just weird. Most of the time really. If you don't believe it, turn your computer on and go to Facebook. Type in Niagara Falls Republican City Committee and you'll see a frequent poster who goes by the name of Vinnie Otanodnas

Falls' Tourism Chief, Percy, Hairdresser Hurlburt, Tie Knot in Gala Same Sex Wedding Ceremony

The Cascades Ballroom deep inside the Conference Center Niagara Falls was the unlikely seen of romance Saturday evening as Niagara Tourism and Convention Corp. CEO married his longtime paramour Russell D. Hurlburt.

Golisano's Interest in Niagara Falls Pays Off Big for Memorial Medical Center

Last week, Paychex billionaire Tom Golisano gifted Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center with $3.5 million to be used to build the Golisano Center for Community Health.

Fracking Dollars Saves SportsTeam in Fracking-Free NY, Celebrating Pegula's Purchase of Bills, Leads Some to Celebrate Fracking

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo found himself in an odd position earlier this month. The controversial practice of hydrofracking in order to extract natural gas from shale deposits is currently illegal in the state

Former FBI Agent, Assigned to Environmental Crimes, Calls Global Warming a Scam.

As a former FBI agent, with considerable experience in environmental crimes, I want my readers to understand that, while I am not an expert on CO2 emissions, nor am I a scientist, nor an Islam expert

Forster Wins New Term as Niagara County Dem. Chairman

Niagara County Democratic Party Chairmen Nick Forster was unanimously reelected to another two-year term at the reorganization meeting of the county committee. Forster won the party's top post in 2012, and earlier served three terms as County Chairman.

Destino, Ceretto Endorsed By Teacher's Union

Johnny Destino, a Niagara Falls school board member and state senate candidate, shares a moment with Todd Hathaway, the political action committee coordinator for the 600,000 member New York State United Teachers

Letters to the Editor

RATS ARE PEOPLE TOO I read your article on how the people of LaSalle have a rat problem.

Rat Story Last Week Had Legs

Last week our story on rats really got legs, as they say in the news businesss. So we thought, since this rat problem is something that Mayor Paul Dyster could really sink his teeth into, we though we might make with the jokes

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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