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APR 15- APR 23, 2014

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A Tale of Two Cities: Niagara Falls Gets Shaft while Albany Sits Pretty : By Mike Hudson

Albany, the state capitol, is on the fast track for one of four upstate non-Indian casinos in a deal that couldn't be more different than the one forced on Niagara Falls by Albany officials.

Lewiston Blame Game Enters Second Week; "Fired" Employee Speaks Out, Hints He May Take Action : By Frank Parlato

Last week we published a story about a fuel use issue in the Town of Lewiston that was connected to the town board's termination, in executive session, of storm water manager Glen Caverly. Caverly was originally appointed by the board on February 28, 2011. 

IDA Chairman to Examine Record for  Quasar Misrepresentations; : By Frank Parlato

The plan to spread human manure as fertilizer over farm fields in Niagara County, which received approval for $1.5 million in tax breaks from the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency (IDA), might be headed for a setback. 

Cuomo Orders DelMonte Not to Talk To Media On Hamister, Anything Else: By Mike Hudson

Recently, we made a call to Francine DelMonte, new chairwoman of the state-run USA Niagara Development Corp., an organization whose stated mission of spurring private development in downtown Niagara Falls has been a spectacular failure.

Housing for Undesirables Proposed; Developer Refuses to Say Exactly Where : By Mike Hudson

Just what we need. More poor people, mental patients, addicts and ex-cons in the city of Niagara Falls.  Mayor Paul Dyster has thrown his beer gut behind a proposal by an outfit called DePaul Properties Inc

Totalitarian Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate's Plan Would Bankrupt State :By Mike Hudson

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wasn't very popular among the people along the Niagara Frontier to begin with; he was embarrassed by Republican Carl Paladino in the 2010 gubernatorial election. 

Restaino on the Charter Revisions and Mayoral Possibilities : By Frank Parlato

Niagara Falls attorney and former Judge Robert Restaino was hired earlier this year by the Niagara Falls City Council to clarify certain aspects of the city charter.  Essentially his job is to determine what is duplicate

Niagara Falls Let Wallenda Get Away, And for that, Darien Lake is Happy : By Tony Farina

It was not too long ago that anticipation filled the air in Niagara Falls and all of Western New York when a group of lawmakers led by State Sen. George Maziarz got the go-ahead from Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature

Wallenda Walk: Maziarz Got it Done but was Helped by Others

As Nik Wallenda's spectacular high wire act over the mighty Cataracts recedes from memory, and Wallenda himself has forsaken Niagara Falls for the crowds at Darien Lake (after coming to the realization that you can't fight City Hall)

Niagara Falls Hotelier Holds Fundraiser for  Candidate for Prime Minister of India  : By Frank Parlato

Approximately 50 persons attended a fundraiser Sunday at the Niagara Club in Niagara Falls, to aid the political ambitions of Narendra Modi, the chief minister (governor) of the Indian State of Gujarat, who, by most accounts, will be the next prime minister of India.  

Postcard Offering $100 Gift Too Good to Be True

Last week, people in Western New York got a postcard in the mail from what appears to be a friendly stranger. 

Cheektowaga Councilmember Convicted of Crime; Office
Automatically Vacant

On Friday, April 11, Cheektowaga Councilmember Charles Markel pled guilty to a crime...

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